October 25, 2014

YOUR spirit a lighthouse

that defies the mystery 

of darkness,

October 24, 2014
hommage to el circo from sergio hernandez,  190cm x 250 cm-ocotber 2014-channeled at la bohemia in exile, calle bolivar, mexico city
October 21, 2014
mexico city, 2 am, calle bolivar, centro, lsd art session

October 16, 2014
mural in montreal ---produced and loved by mu
October 13, 2014
anatomy of the invisible
self portrait on a chair,miami 2013-****
October 12, 2014
hommage to cy twombly 2-- collage , ink and acrylic on arches  paper- 61 x 92 cm, channeled in mexico city at studio - la bohemia in exile-september 2014 
October 12, 2014
hommage to cy twombly 1-- collage , ink and acrylic on arches  paper- 61 x 92 cm, channeled in mexico city at studio - la bohemia in exile-september 2014
October 11, 2014
retrato de dragon de luz
channeled on lsd  in amatlan, la puerta, mexico, full moon, october 2014
October 5, 2014
acrylic, ink,pastel  and paper on canvas, 180 cm x 275 cm, mexico city, july 2014-channeled on tonala 20, colonia roma
October 5, 2014
new colour temple-mexico city-calle bolivar, 
October 3, 2014
cut ups no. 1- laos winter 2014

i miracle-I see through your darkness

lost in the labyrinth of love

your eyes a feast at the entrance

to kiss your tongue

violin, violin, scream and shout

open all doors

joy and dance and death

again-come back

lost skull by the moon speed exploding

black oil bones of faith I spill

flowers in silence

I have a vision of sleepless death

Your birth fearless into mother s milk

Black oil white swan another to kiss

Swan killed by your black sea

Mortal enemy

I suck the silk snake

I blow back I lift your silk dress  and I blow..




and she says---I am the voice of freedom

October 2, 2014
view  of- minotauromagia-tonala 20-colonia la roma, mexico city, july 2014
October 2, 2014
a poem for nina simone(and sean)

I carry  a song of nina simone

To the cemetery of sound

Barefoot and hands full spirit free

I do not scream for an audience

I shout at the holy

I follow none but my own prophecy

I compose a new naked symphony

With the ashes of our world in agony

I play piano on the ivory of your skin

I transform your sins into prayer

Tongues of war arrows of peace

I carve in clay a brave new world

I drink at the fountain with the immortals

I climb over naked rainbows

To set fire to your sorrow


Warrior of magic

I swallow the keys to the kingdom

To reach deeper wisdom

By a violin kiss

I am a wish made of flowers

The sharp wings of the albatross

The caress of the crow, I will blow

By the wind I touch you

By the river I reach you

Chasing imaginary dragons

Magic occult light shines blinded and free

I grow plants in your hands

Palms open

Can you see our  mother’s destiny?


I drink red wine with the spirit of the dead

We dance and we kiss a battle of winds

Something that was never forgotten

That was in us forever

Since the first fire,

Since we took you higher


Erotic earth on rainbow riot

We are the winds that we provoke

Voiceless hero I draw acid circle bamboo

I smoke the clear eye peace pipe

I blow back- the mysterious kiss

I travel  into the goldmine of your mind

Hidden treasure-shamanic sex

Head in the gong

I burn all my clothes-every flags

One with the barefoot people

Staring at the big blue I dive in you

I play with your death on my fingers

Sucking the roots of Africa

I climb into the seashell spiral

Traveling back to the origin-strip naked

On tongue dragon children of the tower

Black water mother of all pearls

A monk on fire

To resist to the silver empire

Falling buffalos wind blows

Did we all crucified the last  apache indian?


Sleeping with the last hopi haux haux haux

Dark whale red blood spilling

At the fountain of ecstasy, awakening

Naked shadow dance-on a god on a dragon

On a river- on a skeleton on you

I lost my memory I am free

Black hand white swan

I know where I stand

I cross the river ‘s grace

To the house of mirrors-eye-third

Of waters become blood

I search for thrills without pills

I am the visionary vagabond

I escape from your modern mission

I swim into a sea of mystery

I know the thunder I am the atomic lover

Ambassador of truth child of faith

I believe in all gods, here and now

I am free from human history

I grow just like a tree

October 2, 2014


Here, again, cashmere,high on the run, copal smoke, slow, dirty, chasing for imaginary myths for dancing dragons keepers of ancient truth-

Remedy for demons and fury in my soul, to restore legends,

A minotaure free from history, leda charming a swan on fire,

hermaphrodite revealed, 

A bohemian in exile, attracted by the unknown, the warm wind at full speed, the caress of wisdom and chaos, a night butterfly whirling around an oil lamp--Sacrifice for light-

I hear the chant of the sirens, musical lighthouse,- I run blinded by ecstasy

To find it - at the edge of reason , mystical inspiration,

Into children running, into fossils of wind, I embrace mystery,

Free from human history, I ll leave no trace, in grace

May I climb the tree of knowledge, Himalayan solitude,

I will take you where no humans go,

Calligraphy of your spirit, choreography of your hands, drawing  in the cavern of  shadows , we are not born with a soul-we need to carve it by extraordinary experiences  and traveling through our unknown,  by this closed gate, I ll reach the procession , to the elephant cemetery,,,

October 2, 2014
journal-winter 2014-thailand

And I stared eyes closed at my painting again, the  endless , naked rising seeking  illumination under a tree of smoke, a nuclear tree, I seek romance in the unexpected, my fingers fast like ballerinas swan lake at full speed

I do not know where it came from, books burning

But It will take me, -, I long for purity, at least for a few days,  

, how drunk and lost and colored, how excited  and at the edge,

did you ever go to the end of the world,?  truth is  never revealed in fireworks, only in candle flame -hidden

,I am blinded by , echoes of machines -erotic silence, shadows  aroused,

There is never really a rest, I am haunted, followed  by the creatures that I am painting,,

There is something up there, up above, there is, up above, we are, up above time, above limits, above fears, above mortality, just under immortality, in between, there is a temple for us, we, pearl divers

There is a sacred place to be, so many spirits to be, thrill for the unknown

darkness, the same euphoria, naked and holy , as my brushstrokes, if my painting heads toward a dead end, I feel death, on the other side, a fulgurant pass of light and illumination and vibrant ecstasy in the painting  bring to me moments of total joy, eroticism, explosions of happiness  leading to immortality.   that I am painting,

There is never really a rest,

building a bridge in between two worlds, I am now in between, suspended, fragile, in between chaos and balance,

I do not speak for an audience,

I shout at the holy,

it feels there is movement inside my bones, like snakes serpents of energy, licking, kicking,  I went through all dirty desires and fantasies, escalating, body electric, pulsion, feathers  and knives, ,,,


broken soldier by the black angels

October 2, 2014
buddhist temple painting session
laos-winter 2014
October 2, 2014
laos-solitude painting
winter 2014-mekong river-