August 21, 2014
cut-out 3d cardboard installation mounted on wood in black box,,                                100 cm x 220 cm x 25 cm, montreal 2012
August 21, 2014
acrylic, ink and collage on canvas, 200 cm x 320 cm, channeled in mexico city, june 2014 
August 21, 2014
el teatro libre del bardo
étude pour le theatre libre du bardo- august 2014- quito-ecuador - ( sketchbooks
August 20, 2014
puertas de la conciencia-quito-ecuador
july 2014- installation in historical district- 5 suspended sails ,produced by rate calle and quito turismo
August 20, 2014
January 2014
August 18, 2014

Dear pearl diver, dear silver wolf,

Everything wants to come out in flames. Telephone snake- I ladder-

We have lost a master of calligraphy, immortal poet, a blind forgotten hero,

Who held a whole generation into the dance of his words, turning up destiny?

Provoking humanity,

Restoring the myths in ecstasy-in the hands of the universe, exploding strings of the violin,

A white crow and a black swan,

It's the imminent death of contemporary

It's the morning of the magicians, fragile and silent, the march of our liberation

I carve a symbol on the bark of your soul, bleeding but free

A clay ghost, useless prophecy, Muslim intimacy, touch me

A veil of mystery

Lick the tears of Rumi

I am fearless and afraid,

Around your neck the ribbon of peace, suffocating weapons

My brushes are knives,

Horrible things could happen, tonight

But only the miraculous occurs,

A thousand trees are teaching me the space between silence

Guide me, follow me

You are my audience, my millions, my bed of nails

In the silver smoke a draw a door, with my dirty finger, gold,

I leave no trace, I touch grace,

You spirit is a lighthouse that defies the mysteries of my darkness

Open, your eyes, open your legs, neon lights in the bardo

In between fear and ecstasy

Useless salvation, spontaneous procession to the end of times

-the vision of this wisdom means that we will never be alone

I dance on the tightrope of linearity and

I beat the drums of defiance to reverse destiny-

I lust for the unknown- I exude to you

Lust for life

I give birth in the ashes of my own agony,

I hear a voice, Miles Davis blowing above

Your screams of joy become chants of liberation in the act of love

I sleepless with a transvestite flower,

Erasing memory in the ivory tower

The death of poetry takes me closer to the end,

Emergency to live, urge to die

I am resistance and compassion, a lost sailor

Everybody is leading toward but me, into the wax museum

I wander,

Mundane crucifixion, exceptional display of luxury

I miss the joy of intuition

I miss the happiness in chaos

I miss spontaneous illumination, sunderance, holy decadence,

I miss mystery, the invasion of euphoria,

Before electricity

I am a cathedral of bones, a fossil of light,

Ee are crossing times of great troubles,

Gone the telepathy with the trees,

Erosion of emotions,

The triumph of modernity,

I cross the valley of flowers

But they are still burning all libraries

I live in a cavern of magic, I fear out I dive in

I seek for crucifixion, in between my fingers

A white cube

I seek for peace but I rage from inside

I awake- a brush aimed at my heart,

Hands stained in a thousand colors,

Who followed the trace that I have painted?

Free heroic eroticism, our antidote,

Silver ghost crossing a century in fury,

Naked Venus in furs, in tears, in fears,

She says: we will outrun them

A third of the water in rivers

Turn to blood

The revolving blade of the helicopter on my skin,

A dead Apache Indian sleeping on my knees,

A white swan drowned in a sea of black oil

Their weapons against are like

The wind in a magnolia tree

In my shadow I assassinate your sorrow

I tactile, I violently pray

I scream, under your tongue, a blue pill

A prayer, A healer,

I need a typewriter

I need a teacher, I blow back

Going east, always,

I must find them before they are forgotten,

Painted on your feet, symbols of ecstasy,

We will release all prisoners

We will convey all winds

To the carnival of our mystery

Children of the albatross

I found joy in a circle

Free from linearity,

I abandon my hands, I fly the dragon kites

To the death of immortality

From solitude to euphoria

We must all come here,

Dissolve into speed and wisdom

Experience the visionary ecstasy

Of the magical intoxication

Into stardust seagulls

Silver deer, silver deer,

At a different speed everything is beautiful

I climb your wish tree,

I plant seeds in your footprints

In your path will grow

A forest of magic trees,

We will never get out of here alive

But we will get out together;


August 18, 2014
alto paraiso pearl diving association
August 18, 2014