July 26, 2015
lsd nature art session- summer 2015
July 26, 2015
la puerta de quetzalcoatl- summer 2015- lsd nature art session
July 24, 2015
freedom temple project- silk screen art for propaganda in the streets of mexico city, summer 2015 -( with Alejandro Argumedo y Show runners ) ---design by jump&love
July 18, 2015
murale -place des arts- montreal, produced by mu- homage to the magic violin of Angele Dubeau- with 400 circular mirrors, summer 2015
July 8, 2015
exhibition at ricart gallery -miami-2013- sacred euphoria installation
July 3, 2015
-film set -labyrinth of liberation- Udaipur- India-  photo by stephane cocke

July 2, 2015
collage ink and acrylic on arches paper, 36 cm x 88 cm, 2015, mexico city,
July 2, 2015
art session-mexixo city- calle bolivar -photos by cera hensley
July 2, 2015

I am the visionary  vagabond artist:

I always wear the same shoes; low top black converse. I abandon the old ones when they are full of holes and dripping with colors. I always hate the new ones, I feel that I lost my connection with planet earth. I’d rather be barefoot; our feet touching soil is spirituality. Outside the studio, I always wear a black suit that I paint with white floral skeleton mystic  patterns on each side, front and back. Here they call me the cosmic mariachi. I wear it everywhere; in the desert, at burning man festival or in a chic urban nightclub. There is always colored feathers in the front pocket that I give away to children and other spirits to feed their fascination for magic life. If I do not wear black I disappear into the ocean of my colors. To paint, which is most of the time, I wear clothes that are dripping with colors; I clean and whip my brushes on myself, I am my own medium, my own palette.  My color pants are my armor. There is no distance between art and me. I am my art. Sometimes I feel that I provoke extreme events in my life only to inspire new paintings. I paint my experience, my path.  My paintings are my visual autobiography. I always leave a trace of colors behind me. My art becomes more important than my own life. I know the sacrifice to achieve a great painting and ready for it. I accept all it’s consequences. I am a Buddhist monk but from the reverse side. I am always more excited by a white canvas then a completed one. I do not keep my art, I keep nothing, I have no possession.  I am fascinated by which one will be my last painting. I search forever for god but I know he is a she and I will never totally find her, not in one place, not in one moment, not in one body. I love silence but I am never in. Everybody talks too much. I do not do art by choice. I do art to survive. I long for universal peace but I rage from the inside. I never felt I was part of humanity. I love losing control. I do not paint to bring answers but to bring more mystery. I founded the first cemetery of brushes where I burry my dead brushes with a date of death written on a ribbon around them.  I never stayed more than 2 months in a place for the last 20 years. I belong to nowhere, I feel I have no roots; I feel really connected only with the real gypsies. I love traditions but I am really happy to not  be part of one. I need no comfort, no hot water, no chairs to sit or table to eat.  I do not like to be attached to memory. I listen music from awakening to sleep, sometimes even long after sleep.  I adore street musicans. Every moment is  a ritual and we have to be awake and conscious.  I will choose the moment of my own death if i do not get smashed by a thunder. I do not believe in chronology and linearity; time is more like a spiral, ascending if you are a seeker, downward if you follow. I believe in knowledge, in books, in poets, in a romantic view of the universe. I believe into shaping our own truth. I feel lonely among everybody. I feel invisible sometimes. I love to hang out with children and paint with them, they have no limits and they are still free. I am worry about new generations and new technologies; the great romance is over. I love rebels, outsiders, seekers, pearl divers. I exist outside media, outside the news of the world. I cross this modern world but I am not part of it. I never watched tv since 30 years, never read newspapers or listen radio. I am always on the  edge of illumination or insanity. I cannot stay away from my brushes more then 48 hours or I lose my reason to exist. I believe in no violence, of any form. I believe we can reach universal peace, by letting go of our own truth. The art world and making art are totally opposite.  I am loaded with too many fantasies. Every human owns a secret that needs no witness. I love secrets.  I always carry a big black sketchbook everywhere I go and I keep filling it. I filled more then 100. I love to sit on terrasses, drink red wine and draw the great human tragedy. I never painted to be seen, I painted to survive. I paint faster than any painter I ever met. My hand is connected with my spirit and my heart, it is the magic triangle. I transform everything that I see and live automatically into art. I transform pain into power and power into art. How many kilometers is the continuous line that I painted since the beginning? To the moon? I am most inspired by ancient art of calligraphy, arabic or asian. Holding a brush is like the samurai weaving the sword. I love sex, eroticism, it’s a free universal gift. Forever means two years in my life. I love the unknown: it is my quest. I am most of the time into an altered state of consciousness, drunk, high or both. I use the power of the cactus; san pedro and peyote to learn and transcend my human state to make art, but i’ll take naything to get through that door. I constantly search for thrills, the kick, the IT. Miles Davis is my spiritual mistress. I am left handed but I can paint with both hands. I have too many opposite desires. I love loud music, very loud. It creates silence around me. I love to paint in nature. Everything comes from love. I never pray, I create. I am always ready for sex or death, they can happen anywhere at any moment. I am obsessed. My nights are hurricanes of revolting dreams.  I am always searching for new ways. I do not like to repeat rituals.  I am in exile only because I have never found the place.  I always vanish before the end. I escape any farewell. I do not attend to any funerals or weddings. The ultimate beauty is the migration of the monarch butterflies. I deny authority and responsability. I do not believe in truth, she is moving and changing so fast we should never hold on too strongly to her. My art studio is a powerful temple, a fortress for the visions to bloom. Anyone who walks in is charmed and opened. I do not use telephone. I love the wind, radical strong wind. Only in chaos we can be free; too many rules assassinate freedom. I sleep naked, I masturbate a lot, sometimes 3 times a day. I am always sexually turn on. I had so many lovers but every time it ‘s new and unique. I read a lot of books. I am a monk by sun and a devil by night. I believe in humanitarian evolution. I escape handclaps and applauds.  I love to climb trees and kiss them. Ends and beginnings do not exist. Nobody knows me totally; only parts of myself are revealed with a certain circle of humans because I am made of so many opposites. Everyone brings one side out of me. I do not need any approval. I do not need any witness. My life is my manifesto. I love old typewriters, modern art and beat writers. I paint cars to give them a spirit. I have body painted more then 20 000 persons, most of the times in spontaneous ceremonies in bars and in the streets. My deepest enemy is conformity and the destroyers of freedom. Any rule is a dead end. My closest ally is imagination and inspiration. I believe in the transmission of myths. I believe that the real revolution is to save the traditions.  I love euphoria, romantic insanity, joyful eccentric moments. I love when sex have no gender, no limits. I believe in no boundaries, in no limits, in no politics. I am grateful to all technicians of the world who allow me to be free and spin around the globe in a mad free run. I love handwritten letters and copal smoke. I move so fast to remain abstract, misunderstood so no one will ever control me. I change city every two years and most of the times I never come back. I wake up before everyone. I am sleepless, obsess by the art that I am creating. I love drugs to derange the senses and reach the unknown, to create new visions, new way to see ourselves. I love palmtrees, they are the symbol of freedom. I love my hands dirty. I love kissing. I love seeing people kissing in the streets. I love the desert with my headphones on mushroom. I love piano and violin. There is always a war inside between darkness and light. I love candles. I love liquid wax on the skin.  I love sex with a stranger that you never talked to.  I always had a secret fantasy to be a vagabond. I love to hold books in my hand. I do not break the rules, they just do not exist for me. I am obsessed by everything that I love  and everything that I want. I make art twelve hours a day. I love myths, I live in them and with them. I am Icarus and the minotaur. Eroticism is  my salvation. I  do t believe in memories and melancholia, everything is always ahead. I believe that any real discovery is always made alone. I am an albatross. I am a sailor. I love the texture of paper. I love bells and architecture. I love ladyboys, the resurrection of the hermaphrodite myth. I love searching for thrills in new cities, alone, at the edge of danger.  I love mystery. I escape the timeline of history. I love white flowers, I love fire, I love the ocean, I love the power of children. I escape perfection, beauty is energy. I love to spill paint, to challenge the immaculate clean world around. Every cleaning lady is afraid of me. I love to be a danger, I love to never know, what to expect, it could be miraculous or it could be a disaster. I love bridges. I love road trips. I love the quest for immortality. I love alchemy. I love destroying books. I love ferris wheels and carousels. I love tribes with no leader, rituals with no shamans. I  escape the most I can seated dinners. I love lighthouses. I believe in miracles and in those who provoke them. I believe in the joy of destruction and creation. I love urban fountains. I love old sages. I believe that, after all, everyone is a skeleton. I do not seek for longevity, I already lived the life of seven men.  Every thing that comes from now is a bonus, a new life, a laboratory to experiment and transcendence,  a romantic kick at the edge of myself.