Exploring Graffiti Art Styles

Graffiti Art Text

Creating graffiti art text requires an understanding of the different styles and types of writing. These include tags, throws, pieces & wildstyle.

Here’s a funky graffiti font that looks like dripping paint — perfect for hip-hop designs, apparel, posters or social media graphics. Rollover has uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numbers, punctuation, contextual and stylistic alternates and ligatures, plus multilingual support.


Stencils are a common technique in graffiti art. They are used to create large-scale images and can be applied with spray paint/aerosol or roll-on paint. To make a stencil, sketch your design on a piece of scrap paper first and then cut the areas that are shaded. This will give you a good idea of how your finished product will look.

Stylistically, stencil graffiti combines hand-drawn and block lettering with geometric shapes. It’s also a popular choice for artists who want to make political statements about current events. Artists such as Banksy, Shepard Fairey, and Blek le Rat use this style to make visual statements about the world around them.

This stylish graffiti font features a bold bubble look with visible drip, and it layers well too. You can also pair it with paint splatters and droplets to push the look even further. This is an excellent choice for stand-out text in your designs, such as headlines and titles.


A tag is a stylized moniker that graffiti artists use to distinguish themselves from other writers. It can be written on walls or even used as a sticker (known as “slaps”) to mark objects with the writer’s name. Tags are usually accompanied by a picture, such as one of a man peeking over a ledge—an idea that was taken from the army’s wartime practice of writing “Kilroy was here.”

A good tag is visually appealing and identifies who created it. It must stand out, but should also be easy to read. It also needs to be short, so it can be done quickly. This will minimize the risk of getting caught doing illegal artwork.

Graffiti has long been a form of social commentary, drawing attention to important issues such as the crack epidemic and AIDS. It has also provided a means for young kids to express themselves artistically.

Throw ups

Graffiti is a visual language that communicates ideas through letters and shapes. It is often a rebellious practice that challenges societal norms and laws. It also reflects the subcultures, counter-cultures, and socio-economics of an area.

Tags, or stylized signatures, are the most basic form of graffiti. They are usually written in bubble letters and include only two of the writer’s first or last letters. Throw ups are larger pieces painted quickly. These are typically done on overpasses and train cars that are secluded from the public.

A way to get your name out there fast and make people remember you in the scene. A good way to learn is by imitating other writers’ work and then adding your own twist. This will help you develop your artistic voice and create a unique style that will stand out. The more you experiment, the better your style will be. The more you grow, the more confident you will be in your own abilities.


While stencil graffiti is a quick way to make a statement, wildstyle is more elaborate and requires more artistic skill. It involves intricate, interlocked letters and a variety of decorative elements, such as spikes, arrows, and flares. It can be hard to decipher, but each wildstyle artist has their own distinct style.

This graffiti font name is perfect for your next project with a bold look that screams street art. It features thicker lettering with a halo, which adds a cool touch to the overall design. Use it for your marketing designs and make sure to pair it with a background that contrasting color and design.

The Kortz font is one of the boldest graffiti alphabets that you can find on the internet. It features a bubble-style graffiti font that looks like it was air-blown, and is fatter at the top than at the bottom. It also features contrasting design shadowing to enhance its bold look.

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